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We lost Emmalee to S.S.P.E. – Subacute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis – A Fatal Measles Complication – A Vaccine Preventable Disease

           No Measles …No S.S.P.E.

    **Help us to help protect children from unneccesary suffering and death from vaccine preventable diseases! We need your help. Join us.**

We thank you for your kind donation. If you are wondering why children in other countries need assistance to receive life saving vaccinations, ponder these thoughts. While some American parents are arguing with their pediatricians about vaccines and vaccine schedules for their child, thousands of children in third world countries die from vaccine preventable diseases every day. Non governmental organizations are largely responsible for distributing vaccines in many settings. The government of the country may be non-functioning and unable to provide protection from disease through an organized vaccine program. There may be war and corruption and the protection of the population through the use of vaccines is an afterthought. Malnutrition is rampant in third world countries and contributes to the inability of a child to rebound from a disease. Many children suffer from both severe malnutrition and a lack of clean water to drink. This is a double whammy for children who have not received a vaccine to a contagious disease. War torn countries have seen their ability to involve themselves in agriculture collapse. Each day is a struggle for survival.

Without programs such as the American Red Cross Measles Initiative which includes many groups helping to save lives in many countries and the GAVI Alliance, many children would perish from easily preventable diseases. Think about it. As we stop at the gas station and fill up our tank, grab a newspaper, a bottle of water and a salty snack, we have just spent enough to have immunized a small group of children from diseases that could kill them. They deserve a chance to grow up.

                         In 2011, through the kindness of people who listened, cared and involved themselves, we were able to:

Fund $4,000.00 worth of donations to the American Red Cross Measles Initiative Program. A measles vaccine is $1.00 a dose. Think about that.

Be a part of an American Red Cross on-line program discussing the measles, the need for a timely measles vaccine and the FATAL measles complication that took Emmalee away from us.

Go to Philadelphia to take part in an Australian production company’s filming of a health related documentary called “Jabbed” which will air on the Australian Science network and on PBS. We again stressed the importance of protection from vaccine preventable diseases through the use of vaccines. Travel without immunization is not just dangerous, it can be deadly.

Hold several successful fundraisers ro raise awareness and understanding of how the measles virus spread more in the 2011 than in the preceding decade due to international travel.

Have our Emmy’s Hope t-shirts printed with a beautiful picture we call Princess Emmalee to spread our message of “Don’t Wait…Vaccinate!”

 Wearing  your thoughts helps educate others.

Peak the interest of several newspapers and subsequently have several articles run about the spread of the measles virus in the U.S. and the connection of ALMOST ALL CASES TO INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL. We were able to discuss the idea of COMMUNITY IMMUNITY and how we protect our whole community by receiving a vaccine, even those people who can’t get the vaccine due to medical reasons.

Make many contact with organizations working throughout the world to alleviate suffering and death. They travel to countries to immunize children against many illnesses which cause needless deaths.

Please consider a donation to assist us with spreading our message. The children of the world deserve a chance to grow up.

We are NOT a 501c3 tax deductible charity but we are a non-profit.

   Please send all donation to Emmy’s Hope C/O Erica Parker 420 Plunkert Road Littlestown, PA 17340.

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